First Results

A vast majority of parents support entrepreneurship education, shows new international research

Parents play a minor role in entrepreneurship education (EE), but they are very positive to EE.

Currently, parents play a minor role in EE. Even though only a small minority of parents are involved in EE, a large majority of the 3500 parents participating in a survey had a positive attitude to EE. In particular parents favour methods based on real experience (e.g. mini-companies, project work with real enterprises). Parents think the ministry and the local government are bottlenecks to increase this kind of pedagogy in the classroom.

In group interviews parents confirmed that they felt very satisfied with the practical and non-theoretical way of learning that EE and the JA Company programme represented. However, they also felt uninformed about the big picture, including the learning process and the lack, in their view, of individual assessment. Parents need more information about the CP and the pedagogical platform on which it rests; only then can they become more involved and thereby act as a positive driver for EE in school.

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